Wednesday, February 8, 2012

blog difficulties

hi!  this blog is not supported by Blogger anymore. i do not have Google Chrome, thus cannot function properly like getting to my dashboard where i have edit options.  i'm signing out permanently, altho i can not even delete this blog!  so it will appear to you but i will not be here.  maybe another blog sometime.  sorry, this one did not work.  the frustrations are not worth it to me. thanks for visiting!  TERRY
I am starting my first real Blog.  I already have 4 followers one is my wife 2 others are favorite students(yes teachers have favorite students,  the other was a teacher Librarian who was really a media special.  She is the only one left from my staff when I was Principal.  She was great at everything she did...Great family, great grandmother.  I taught her son to drive,  I didn't mention she was also courageos.  I wouldn't let a kid of mine out on the open rode with me for anything especially early Sat. morning.  We made it great kid.  Now an adult maybe a father.
To start things out I will talk a little football.  It is over until late August.  I am having withdrawl symptons.
I saw on TV our coach at Regina who by the way were state champs 2 yrs, in a row was having informal talks witha Cedar rapids school about their football opening.  That is depressing!
One question I have been frequently asked after I retired after 42 yrs  is DO you miss it.  Would the Lone Ranger miss Tonto, or Batman miss Robin, Would Abbott miss Costello.  Whoops must of you are to young young to remember that.  They were baseball coaches who had a hard time deciding who would play
first base.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Primary Notes.

There were a few primaries tonight.  Of course they were Republican.  Santorum seemed to the big winner followed by Romney.  I really never have voted for a Republican.  My Dad always said we were Daley Democrats.  I think that means vote early and often.  Long way to go. I wish somebody could tell me Obama could win another term.  I will probably will vote for him anyway.  I could live with Santorum.  With Syria wanting military help from the USA.  This might not be a good time to change Presidents.  I say that because we have a great Sec. of State.  We have got to quit cleaning up all the worlds  messes.

a little bit...

   welcome to my 'little bits...'!  thanks to Linda for setting this up!

Wrote a column for a newspaper once and I borrowed the title for my blog.  The blog will be fun for me to write and I hope a few people will read it and contribute.  My wife's blog is about knitting, that was my first choice but you need to know how to knit.  I don't know much about anything, thus the title.  It will be about a variety of things:  sports of all kinds, politics, education and trends, people famous and otherwise, entertainment etc.  That gives you an idea.